[Fashion Editorials] Les chevaux et Vogue à travers l’Histoire


Alors que le Vogue Australia dédiait sa couverture de fin d’année à la cover girl Black Caviar, jument meilleur sprinter du monde à l’heure actuelle, le magazine retrace la place du cheval dans les pages mode de Vogue dans un diaporama. A priori, le cheval était déjà en vogue en 1930. Je vous laisse découvrir.

1930 : The race horse Gallant Fox with jockey Earl Sande.

1937 : Judy Balding sitting on a fence, feeding an apple to her horse.

1937 : Zorina, prima ballerina with the George Balanchine Company, hanging with outstretched arm on a Chirico horse statue.

1940 : Sandra Cooper, wife of actor Gary Cooper, dressed in a cowboy shirt and riding pants, currying her horse.

1940 : A model on a farm in Pennsylvania, wearing a gabardine coat with patch pockets.

1941 : Model wearing palomino beige dinner dress with dandy’s jabot down front and matching crépe slippers, standing next to two horses in the desert.

1965 : Madame Jean Claude Abreu seen at night holding the bridle of a white horse, standing next to and lit by a campfire on the desert at Gizeh, Egypt.

1968 : Stella Astor, daughter of the Honourable Mr and Mrs John Jacob Astor, petting a horse on the grounds of the family estate at Hatley Park, in Bedfordshire.

1968 : Close-up of the hands of Spanish bullfighter and equestrian Conchita Cintrón holding the head of her Arabian horse.

1977 : Jerry Hall in red maillot by Cole of California, and model in red maillot by Gottex, on a beach leading horses.

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Crédits : Condé Nast Archives


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