[Gucci Paris Masters 2013] Glamorous interview : Yazmin Pinchen


Récemment atterrie aux écuries Simon Delestre, Yazmin Pinchen a plus d’un tour dans son dressing. Chevauchant Lowriver Queen Z (photo) ou encore Quiness du Mezel au Gucci Paris Masters 2013, c’était l’occasion ou jamais de poser quelques questions hippiques et chic à l’égérie de la marque Cavalleria Toscana.

Propos recueillis par Solenn Rispail.

Solenn Rispail : You are an international showjumper and a model – for Cavalliera Toscana, also made the Luxurious Magazine’s cover – how do you manage your two careers by the same time ?
Yasmin Pinchen : First and foremost my riding comes first but I love to help out my sponsors and modelling is something I can help with ! I wish I could do more modelling but for me my horses are priority and the most important ! I fit modelling in when I have a spare weekend with no show…

You are the only 20 years old English rider to compete on CSI*****, how do you feel about that ?
Being the only 20 year old in England jumping csi 5* is an incredible feeling. However, age isn’t something I focus on, I have a remarkable horse who gives me great confidence to jump these big tracks ! Without my father and my family’s support I would never be where I am today. My father motivated me to jump the Global Champions Tour and from there we have progressed to amazing shows !

www.pegasebuzz.com | Gucci Paris Masters 2013 : Yazmin Pinchen photographed by Roxanne Legendre

Since when are you riding at Simon Delestre’s stables ? Why did you live the ones of Ludo Philipparts ?
I have been training by Simon and Marcel Delestre for nearly three months now and I am appreciating every day ! I am learning so much and I am looking forward to next year. I left Ludo’s stables because I felt it was time to move on, I learnt a lot there and enjoyed my time training.

So, you are in France since shortly, are you disoriented by the French fashion ?
Some of the best fashion houses come from France. However I am a good two hour drive from the fashion capital ‘Paris’ !! If I can go to Paris one day to shop I would be very happy !! It’s a beautiful place and shopping is always fun !

www.pegasebuzz.com | Gucci Paris Masters 2013 : Yazmin Pinchen photographed by Roxanne Legendre

What do you wear for a showjumping competition ?
When I go to a competition I always wear cavalleria Toscana.. From head to foot !! I love their clothes so to be able to have enough clothes for everyday is fantastic ! It’s so glamorous and stylish. I love it !

To hang out with friends, you are dressed like…
When I see my friends it depends what were doing. I love to laze around in track suit bottoms but if we go out I am known for over dressing!! I like to always try to look my best ! My appearance is important to me ! But I like the ‘sophisticated’ look !!!

To finish, what are your favorite french fashion brands ?
Undoubtedly : Chanel, Céline, Sandro and Hermès.

A très vite,
Crédits Photos : Roxanne Legendre

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